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Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Minivan Lease Deal
Post date: 2007-10-08

Mazda is once again showing off their Premacy Hydrogen RE minivan ahead of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show this month. The Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE will now be offered for lease to corporate customers in Japan for around $3,500 per month. The Premacy Hydrogen is a dual fuel vehicle capable of running on either gasoline or hydrogen in its internal combustion rotary engine. The rotary engine does not have some of the inherent problems associated with standard internal combustion engine such as backfiring. The Premacy Hydrogen RE has also been upgraded over last year's model as the range of the vehicle running on hydrogen has been bumped up from 60 miles to 124 miles. The minivan is also a hybrid that uses lithium-ion battery technology and recharges itself using regenerative braking. The Premacy Hydrogen follows in the footsteps of the Mazda RX-8 Renesis, which began leasing to corporate customers in Japan in March 2006. There is no word yet as to when Mazda intends to start rolling out these vehicles to the general public. Zoom zoom, one can assume must be at least a couple years away.
from CNN

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