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Hitachi Develops Technology for 3-D Mobile Display
Post date: 2007-11-05

3D maybe coming to your cell phone! Imagine filming / displaying a video in 3D or playing a 3D game on your cell phone!

Japan Hitachi, Ltd. has developed a lightweight 3D display that can potentially be added to mobile devices such as cell phones. There is much research to do, but the gadget weighs about 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) and uses a stereoscopic vision display. The gadget resembles an upside-down multi-angular pyramid with mirrors on top of a liquid crystal display.

With it's portability, Hitachi expects the technology can be used for multiple applications such as showing museum pieces at schools so they will appear as they really are; as if the students actually visited the museum.

If Hitachi plans to apply the technology to cell phones obviously it would have to be scaled down much further.

from Akihabaranews

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